February 29, 2008

Sparkle Vinyl Sneak Peek

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I just wanted to share a couple of photos of what I was working on yesterday.
I spent and hour and a half straight working on these!
They are all hand cut from large sheets of sparkley Naugahyde. The details take forever to cut, I think I need to get myself some new scissors to make it a little easier. 😉 These are all eventually going to be part of larger projects on Etsy.
I think my favorite is the blue lotus I based on a Japanese Kamon.

February 25, 2008

Tutorial: Easy Buttoned Legwarmers

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With Spring right around the corner I’ve been eying my favorite skirts and dresses and looking forward to getting a chance to wear them comfortably. I whipped these little legwarmers up to help me a get a headstart until the temperatures come up a little more. I thought I’d take photos to share so you can make your own. They’re really easy! You can make yourself a pair in an hour and wear them out tonight.

Due to high demand, I’ve made up another pair now available in my Etsy shop . Or place a custom order to choose your own colors, size, and height!


February 18, 2008

Making My Mark

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I am excited to announce that I’ve created my own webpage!

The page is still in development, I’m doing it all myself and learning as I go. Css is tricky! I’m working hard to get new stuff up, though. Recently, I added info to the About me page and wrote up a bunch of information about making custom orders including a page filled with questions to get you started. Next I’ll be working on photo galleries of some of the fun things I’ve made or sold and my featured items, so look forward to it!

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