March 28, 2008

Cuddly Cousins

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Take a look at my little collection here of Cuddly Cousins (as it says on their ear tags).  This is just a little teaser to show some of my supplies for April’s Craftster Craft Challenge.  I am a frequent visitor at, and I cannot resist a good challenge, so I try to come up with something each month to submit.  This month’s challenge is #26 Dollar Store Challenge Round Two.  The challenge is to spend $10 at a dollar store and craft something fabulous and unexpected.  I made a special trip last week to the biggest dollar store in town and picked up these guys.  Wondering what I’m going to do with a pile of teddy bears?  You’ll just have to wait and see! (entries are due April 1st-5th)
This will be my third time entering a craftster challenge.

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March 18, 2008

Pincushion Swap

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I recently participated in a craft swap on Craftster.  The theme this time?  Pin cushions!

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March 10, 2008

Tuna Can Pin Cushion Tutorial

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I have a pretty big collection of pin cushions I’ve made floating around my various crafting areas. They’re a great project if you want to make something quick and easy, and they can make great gifts for crafty friends. I like to whip one up whenever I get down to the last little scraps of some fabric that I’ve fallen in love with (It’s great to be able save those little bits in a way that you can see them and use them every day). Now I know that there are probably a million pin cushion tutorials out there right now, so how could my blog be complete without adding my own?


I don’t think I’ve seen any cushions out there quite like this one. I really like it because it is nice and sturdy with it’s flat, weighted bottom, so I’m less likely to knock it over. It’s a good size for me; it holds plenty of pins and is harder to lose. I can also pick it up confidently without having to worry about getting poked by pins poking through to the other side.

(click more to read the tutorial)


March 6, 2008

PDX Biking Guitar Case

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I’ve entered this month’s Craftster challenge: Represent your hometown. I decided to pay homage to Portland’s Bike culture with a Guitar case I made for a friend of mine. He’s big into rebuilding bikes, so that was the theme I used.

All of the bike parts were recycled from old bikes.
Click more to see some more details!

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