June 29, 2008

Easy Breezy Wrap Pants Tutorial

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In my last post, I showed off some photos of the wrap pants I made. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own!

Note: Please don’t use this tutorial for commercial purposes. I made the decision to post this tutorial despite the fact that I’m currently offering these pants for sale in my Etsy shop,, because I love to share. If you like this tutorial, please take a moment to stop by my shop and have a look. Thanks!

These pants are the perfect solution for hot summer days. The slit sides allow for a cool breeze while still giving you plenty of coverage. For a long time I thought I couldn’t make myself a pair of pants. I struggled with a number of different patterns and could never manage to make anything I’d be willing to wear out of the house. Now that I’ve worked out how to make these, I never want to take mine off! In this tutorial I won’t be giving you many specific measurements, and you won’t need to calculate any formulas to get started. I use an organic, freeform way to get the right size and I’ll explain how I do it as we go.

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June 28, 2008

Super Comfortable Wrap Pants

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I love these pants!
I made these pants to wear now that the weather has finally decided to feel like summer.  They were perfect for running around all day taking photos, so I tried out the freezer paper stencil technique I learned on craftster to add a simple camera stencil to the leg.  You can tie them two different ways, either with the back side on top or the front side on top, so versatile!  I love the wide leg look.

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