October 18, 2008

Crosspost From Photo-a-Day

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(Just a quick crossposting from my photo-a-day photoblog)

I remember winters when I was young, and complaining to my mother that I was cold. She’d say, “put on another pair of socks”.
At the time, I never really appreciated the advice.
For years, the only socks I wore were the kind you bought by the bag. cheap, easy to sort out of the dryer, wore out too quick, bulky in your shoes (usually men’s) sport socks. (I just kept buying them out of habit, I guess.)
Now I know better. Socks can be warm and cozy. Socks can be cute. Socks can be long or short, coordinate with your outfit or your mood.
And when I’m cold, I’ll put on another pair.

I love my mom (Can’t wait to see you!)
I love my socks.
I also love
(local Portland sock companies)
I wish I could knit myself some handmade socks, but until then…


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  1. Great picure.

    Some day I’ll grow up and get some real socks. 😉 I’m getting there.

    Comment by Kelli@GohnCrazy — October 22, 2008 @ 12:10 pm

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