October 19, 2008

Sept Birthday Swap Finished

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“Do you swap?”

From time to time I like to sign up for craft swaps over at  They’re always a lot of fun, and what’s better than giving and receiving handmade gifties?  This time it was the Sept Birthday swap.  Anyone with a birthday in September was invited to sign up and post a wishlist of things they’d like to get.  Then you claim one or more people in the swap to fulfill their wishes.  I ended up sending and receiving two wishes.

Click more to see photos and read about all the gifts I sent and received!

First, I claimed Craftster member ThatsWhatSheSaid for “something Mario inspired”  I’ve been into a big scarf making roll, so I made a fabric scarf with mushrooms and mario clouds.

I loved it and almost didn’t want to send it!  It’s on my list of things to remake for myself now!

Second, I claimed UntouchableFace for a weighted pincusion and thread scrap bag to place next to her sewing machine.  I was loved her wist ( and found some great inspiration from some fantastic felt pincushions, pillows, and fabrics she had tagged.

This is the cushion side, the catcher hangs below.

I’d never made one of these before, but I think it came out well.  It kind of drove me crazy stitching all those circles, but I can’t help it, circles are the best.

The lining for the catcher pouch was great.  I saw a fabric on her wists that looked really familiar.  She had the same fabric tagged, only it was in two shades of green.  I just happened to have the green and brown version in my stash.  just enough left to make this pouch.  It was meant to be.  The exterior of the pouch is made of a wool felt that was great to work with.

Now I’ll share the fantastic gifts I received! UntouchableFace made me an amazing set of necklaces and a bracelet.  I didn’t have much in the way of jewelery, so this was a treat!

She also sent me a bar of one of my favorite chocolates, Intense Orange by Lindt. yummy.

From amother Craftster member, DeviSaya I received a Dr.Horrible themed gift of this shirt:

If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog yet, be sure to check it out!

Click this link to watch it now!

I’m already working on another swap now, the Fall Scarf swap.  I’m extra excited because I’ve been partnered up with a swap buddy I had just about a year ago during the Terry Pratchett Discworld swap.  I’ve got some great ideas for her items, and they’re all coming along great.  There’s even a few surprises that I think she’s going to love.  I’ll be sure to post again and share all the fun from that swap once it’s finished at the end of October.


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  1. I absolutely love your Mario inspired scarf. Too cute. All the goodies are neat though! 🙂 The swap sounds like a lot of fun.

    Comment by Kelli@GohnCrazy — October 22, 2008 @ 12:08 pm

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