January 9, 2009

A Couple of Useful Tiny Projects

Filed under: Projects — laupre @ 12:55 pm

I spent a nice quiet evening with some needles and felt and made a couple of useful little things, and I just thought I would share them.  The first one is an adorable little bottlecap pincushion.  There are tutorials all over the net for making these, but I’d never made one before.  I like the bottlecap pincushion as a place to keep needles separate from my pins.  Needles always get lost in my big cushion, so a little one like this is perfect.  I’m thinking abou making one with a magnet on the bottom so I can attach it to the magnet board I keep by my sewing machines.


Then I made a cozy for the remote for my new camera.  Hopefully it will help me not to lose it!  I added a little loop to the top, and I think I’ll add a keyring to hang the cozy from my camera strap.  That should do it!


I’m not as comfortable with handsewing or embroidery as I would like to be, but little projects like these can help you build your skills in a way that isn’t as intimidating or stressful as a large project would be.  I think we all know about the satisfaction of completing a project; the feeling of accomplishment you get even with a simple or small item, so don’t forget to fit a few tiny projects into your time!

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