January 8, 2010

Dave’s Killer Bread on TV, and something I made!

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Drew Carney (from PDX channel 8 local news) was out visiting the “Breadquarters” for Dave’s Killer Bread early this morning. I’m a huge fan of Dave and his bread. It’s the best bread in Portland. Healthy and organic, local to Portland, and unbelievably sinfully delicious! But don’t take my word for it, you might think I’m biased having a handful of friends and family proudly working for the company. Take a look at Dave’s facebook and you can see what everyone else is saying. Honestly, once you’ve had this bread, you’ll never look at bread the same way again.

Anyway, when I heard that the bakery would be on the news this morning I borrowed a television from my mom and set my alarm for 5am. It was fun to see the segments throughout the news showing different parts of the bakery, and a few familiar faces (Hi Zac!), but what got me personally quite excited was right at the end. Dave and Drew were talking and standing by a table covered in the different kinds of killer bread, including one of my favorites, Good Seed:

And right on top was Good Seed, a stuffed version of the lovable logo I made as a gift for Dave from our little group.

Yes, I felt silly taking a photo of a television, but I was really excited!

I had made a set of Good Seed for myself last summer and had them sitting out as an xmas fireplace decoration this last December:

A friend of mine mentioned that Dave would love them. It thought it was a great idea, and something personal I could do to show my appreciation for Dave.  He’s an inspirational person, and the opportunities this company has given to people I care a lot about has changed our lives so much.  I started right away on a second set of good seed to give.

They’re a simple stuffie, made from fleece. I embroidered the faces and ended up doing a lot of hand sewing on these guys.  They were just one of those projects that I totally underestimated how long it would take (and completely forgot how much time I spent on the first set).  Something I thought I could knock out in just a couple of hours ended up taking close to ten hours over the course of a week!  Turning those tiny limbs right side out and getting them smoothly stuffed, and then getting everything stitched together was rough.  Totally worth it, though.  Their sweet smiling faces just brighten the day, I think, I was just so proud to see that Dave liked them enough to include them in their interview this morning.  Thanks!


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