March 9, 2010

Origami Bags from Mairuru’s tutorial

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I saw this lovely tutotial over on Mairuru’s blog here:
I had to give it a try the day I saw it. The tutorial was easy to follow, took no time at all, and the final product is adorable! I made this sweet little pouch for my favorite nine year old to hold her little mp3 player. The long ribbon lets her hand the player around her neck keeping the player easy to reach while enjoying her music.

The little pockets on the sides are so cute and clever. I was delighted to find that they were being put to good use when I borrowed the bag back to snap some pics and found tiny flowers she had gathered all dried and precious safely tucked away. Adorable!

Action shot! She loves the little bag so much, and that makes me happy.
I used 8 inch squares to make this bag. the final size is about 4″x4.5″.

I remembered this little pouch last weekend when I was having a minor bag emergency. I needed just a little backpack to tote along a few items on our trip to opening weekend of Saturday market. I had less than an hour to whip something up, and I liked this so much more than just grabbing one of my totes.
I simply altered the design by using larger squares of fabric (33 inches) and folded down the triangle flaps and making the drawstring channel before sewing the sides. I ran the straps through the channels and stitched the ends to the bottom corners when I sewed up the sides.
The final size for this bag was about 13″ x 15″.

It was just what I needed!

Be sure to check out this blog if you’re not already following her. I love seeing the adorable and beautiful little things she sews. Like the tutorial she shared for her little Sarubobo dolls

(This is one I made)

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