March 31, 2011

Me-Made-March Week 4

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It’s the final Post for my first ever Me-Made-March! I’m posting late this week because it has just been hectic for me and I’ve been spend any and all moments when I could be blogging working on this black and white quilt tutorial. I don’t know why, but it is just being such a difficult tutorial to put together. I’ve retaken photos dozens of times, trying to make the process as clear as possible. My words aren’t coming out very smoothly either. I’ve spent a couple hours writing at it, but it’s still not done. Anyway, I suppose I’ll set that aside and finish out my outfits for the end of the month!
March 22nd

I was told this outfit was a bit “super hero”, but I felt a little like caution tape. The bright yellow dress is one I made last summer that unfortunatly isn’t too flattering around the waist. I threw it on with this new hoodie I made, though, and was really happy to have that bright burst of yellow. It was sad to have a dress in such a vibrant color and a knit that feels amazing and not be able to wear it much because it distorted in the wash. I wish I had thought to just cover up the bad part with a hoodie sooner, bright yellow is just the thing to fight rainy grey Portland winters!
me made:
yellow dress, grey hoodie, grey longsleeve (also worn march 15th)
This is a long post, so the rest of the outfits after the jump:

March 23rd

I love the collar on this jacket. I made it a long time ago but hardly wear it. It’s not very warm and it’s a little bit small, so to wear it for a day the stars have to align and give me a “thin” day and a little bit of sunshine. The dress is from the same pattern I used for the grey dress from March 2nd, except for a few modifications. Since everything went so well the last time I made it I just cut the pieces again without thinking about the fact that this fabric has stretch. I doubled the darts in the front and back and to bring in the bust I cut right down the middle, lapped it and added 6 tiny buttons to the front.
Me made:
tan dress, jacket

March 24th

Now if anything makes me feel like a superhero, it’s these blue tights! I didn’t make them, but I just made this blue dress and they match too perfectly not to go together. I wore it with the same black cropped hoodie I’ve been wearing all month for most of the day.
me made:
blue dress, black cropped hoodie (not pictured)

March 25th

You can tell I’m starting to feel spring starting up. Just like all the trees around town covered in bright pink and purple petals, I too am donning myself in the brighter hues. This is a simple circle skirt in a heavy green linen with my cream pettiskirt underneath and a basic 3/4 sleeve knit top I made this week.
me made:
skirt, pettiskirt, top

March 26th

A basic running errands outfit, I wore my new grey sweatshirt with it most of the day. No new pieces in this outfit, but a new combination of them!
me made:
black tank ( March 3rd), grey slacks (March 17th), and grey hoodie (March 22nd)

March 27th

This is a knit dress I made way back in my busy etsy days, but never sold. It’s really a summer dress since it’s made of a very lightweight knit, but with a thick slip underneath, cozy cashmere on top, and my bamboo sweater tights I can bring this into spring.
me made:
cashmere shrug, green and brown dress

March 28th

Greys and purples.
me made:
camisole, vest (March 17th), purple stretch skirt, burgundy legwarmers made from a sweater

March 29th

Total Outfit repeat of March 15th, so I’m just going to use the same picture from last week. You’ll just have to forgive me.
me made:
yellow and white faux wrap dress, white layered ruffled knit skirt, leggings, cropped swearshirt.

March 31st

The last day of Me-Made-March 2011! I just made these leggings and tank top today, so here I am hanging out barefoot with my machines (you didn’t think I sewed in my crazy heels did ya?) The hardest part was definitely trying to take a photo every day! Like a lot people I’m not that comfortable in front of the camera, but I know when I’m reading fellow sewist’s blogs I’m always disappointed when they only present their garments on a dressform (I hope I’m not alone in that!) I’m pretty happy with my wealth of Me-Made clothing, and it was a lot of fun to realize just how much I’ve made over the last couple of years. I’ve even got a few things that I’m disappointed I didn’t wear and therefore never showed off! (maybe I’ll feature my houndstooth miniskirt some day, hahaha!)
Me made:
leggings, tank top, white denim shorts from last summer, white sweatshirt (march 19th)

Finally, I would like to thank Zoe, from “So, Zo… What do you know?” for creating the challenge and inspiring me and a ton of other fantastic people to talk about, show off, and most importantly actually wear the things we make. (although I will be slipping into my favorite jeans first thing tomorrow morning…)

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