July 11, 2011

Super Easy Summer Shirt

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Yesterday I whipped up this simple top after seeing people wearing similar ones around town.  I thought they looked comfortable and the design is so simple I thought it would be a great project for summer sewing.  I know I’m not the only one who gets busy and begins to neglect their sewing space when the weather gets nice!

click image for full size

click image for full size

It ended up being just a twenty minute project, and it’s as easy to wear as it was to make.  There is no need for a pattern as it was as simple as three pieces, and since I used a knit that’s pretty stable and not prone to unraveling I just left the neckline and sleeve holes unfinished.

click image for full size

To add a little something special to this simple top I put a couple of grommets onto the back and strung some chain I had between them.  (note that I said grommets, not eyelets.  Grommets have two pieces that fit together while eyelets are the just one piece.  It makes a big difference in how well they will stay in place and not get ripped out.  Also, when setting grommets into stretchy knits you want to remember to use a smaller hole than you would with a solid woven fabric)


How to after the break:

I used just one yard of fabric.  I cut it into two 18 inch lengths.  The breezey, drapey top is made from one of these pieces.

click image for full size

The front and back pieces will be exactly the same, each one 18in tall and I had no problem just using the width of the fabric to determine the width of the shirt. Leave the fabric folded in half along the original fold line (or straighten it if you have to), then fold again so that your selvage and the center fold line are together.  Trim off the selvage and fold line. cut in a curve for your “sleeve”.  Mine starts about half way down from the top of the shirt and cuts in about 4 inches from the sides at the bottom of the piece.  You can free hand it or use a design curve and adjust to your tastes.

click image for full size

Your front and back pieces should look something like this.  Sew the front to the back along the curves, and along the shoulder lines for about 5-6 inches from the edge towards the center. Hem or finish the sleeve edges and neckline if you want.

click image for full size

To make the fitted bottom part of the shirt, make a tube with the rest of your fabric. my tube was 18 inches tall and as wide as I needed to wrap snugly around my waist.  Sew along the side, fold in half (enclosing the seam and making it a tube 9 inches tall instead of 18) and stretch to ease the difference from your waist piece to your top piece as you sew them together.

click image for full size

And that’s all there is to it!

click image for full size

oh yeah, made these simple chains at craft night this last weekend.  Chain, some beads, and pliers are easier to tote around so I’ve been playing around with it a little bit.


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