August 5, 2011

Grey Knit Dress

Filed under: Projects — laupre @ 2:58 pm

I sewed up this little light weight knit dress last night, and I’m really happy with it!  (observant eyes  may notice it’s the same fabric I used for the top in my last post)

It has a fun, flowy skirt with an interesting uneven hem.

I was working without a pattern and freehanded some shapes to see how it would look in a skirt.  The back is made of three pieces shaped like in the image above.

The front is a modified half circle skirt shape with the edges cut to match the pieces along the back.  If I had had more of the fabric I would have liked to continue the pieces from the back of the skirt across the front. In the end, though, I’m happy with it because I think the simplicity of the front of the skirt balances well with the tied front detail.

Oh yeah, and I’m currently blonde 🙂

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