July 11, 2011

Super Easy Summer Shirt

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Yesterday I whipped up this simple top after seeing people wearing similar ones around town.  I thought they looked comfortable and the design is so simple I thought it would be a great project for summer sewing.  I know I’m not the only one who gets busy and begins to neglect their sewing space when the weather gets nice!

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It ended up being just a twenty minute project, and it’s as easy to wear as it was to make.  There is no need for a pattern as it was as simple as three pieces, and since I used a knit that’s pretty stable and not prone to unraveling I just left the neckline and sleeve holes unfinished.

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To add a little something special to this simple top I put a couple of grommets onto the back and strung some chain I had between them.  (note that I said grommets, not eyelets.  Grommets have two pieces that fit together while eyelets are the just one piece.  It makes a big difference in how well they will stay in place and not get ripped out.  Also, when setting grommets into stretchy knits you want to remember to use a smaller hole than you would with a solid woven fabric)


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October 25, 2008


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I need to say a big “Thank You” to member, MusicalCrafts.  Today she shared a quick and easy recipe for a traditonal Brazilian sweet called brigadeiros.  I’ve seen recipes for this before, but I’d never seen it done in the microwave!  I had been intimidated by the prospect of stirring the mixture for 10 minutes straight on the stove (I’ll admit I have very little patience for cooking), but popping in the microwave for just 6 minutes is right up my ally!

Be sure to check out her recipe posted on Craftser and try it for yourself!

We rolled ours in powdered sugar, cocoa powder, coconut, pink sugar crystals, and the chocolate sprinkles.  The chocolate sprinkles were my favorite!

Thanks again, Musicalcrafts!

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